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MINERvA: using neutrinos to study nucleon structure

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Brian Tice
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02 Apr 2013, 02:02
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Neutrino experiments use heavy nuclei (Fe, Pb, C) to achieve necessary statistics. How-
ever, the use of heavy nuclei exposes these experiments to the nuclear dependence of
neutrino-nucleus cross sections, which are poorly known and difficult to model. The MIN-
ERvA (Main INjector ExpeRiment for v-A), a few-GeV neutrino nucleus scattering exper-
iment at Fermilab, seeks to remedy the situation by directly studying the A-dependence
of exclusive and inclusive channels.
The MINERvA detector contains an 8 ton fully active fine-grained scintillator tracking
core and targets of carbon, iron, lead, water and liquid helium which sit upstream of the
tracking core. We present the current status of analyses of charged current quasi-elastic
scattering and nuclear effects in charged current events in carbon, iron, lead and plastic.
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held on 02 Apr 2013 in WHNW 10 (West Wing)
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