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Extruded scintillator for calorimeter applications

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Victor Rykalin
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Victor Rykalin
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06 Jun 2006, 14:15
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06 Jun 2006, 14:15
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22 May 2008, 09:05
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An extrusion line has been installed and successfully operated at
Fermilab in collaboration with NICADD (Northern Illinois Center for
Accelerator and Detector Development). This new
Facility will serve to further develop and improve extruded plastic
scintillator. Recent progress has been made in production of co-extruded
scintillator that extends the horizons of its applications in HEP . The
recent R&D with extruded and co-extruded plastic scintillator for a
potential ALICE upgrade, the ILC calorimetry program and the MINERVA
calorimeter show an attractiveness of the chosen strategy
for future experiments and calorimetry. We extensively develop
extruded and co-extruded scintillator in digital and traditional
calorimeters in synergy with new Solid State Photomultipliers. The
characteristics of extruded and co-extruded scintillator will be
presented here as well as results with non-traditional photo read-out.
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CALOR 2006 held on 05 Jun 2006 in Chicago, Illinois
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