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Electromagnetic final states in MINERvA

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Jaewon Park
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Jaewon Park
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17 Jul 2012, 14:10
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20 Jul 2012, 14:29
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17 Sep 2012, 09:44
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An understanding of electromagnetic final states is important for current and future long baseline nu_e appearance experiments. The electron from intrinsic nu_e CCQE beam interactions is an irreducible background to the nu_mu --> nu_e oscillation signature. In addition NC pi0 production is one of the major backgrounds to nu_e appearance measurements. Low energy pi0 often mimics the signal when one of the photons is not observed in the detector. We demonstrate separation of electrons from photons using dE/dx in the MINERvA fine grained scintillator tracker. We also will present a study to use nu_mu + e --> nu_mu + e to constrain the neutrino flux, and estimate our event sample size of nu_e CCQE.
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