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NuInt11 Proceedings: Quasi-Elastic Scattering in MINERvA

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Kevin McFarland
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Kevin McFarland
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21 Jul 2011, 05:51
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01 Aug 2011, 16:04
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08 Dec 2011, 09:04
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Determination of the quasi-elastic scattering cross-section over a broad range of neutrino energies, nuclear targets and Q^2 is a primary goal of the MINERvA experiment. We present preliminary comparisons of data and simulation in a sample rich in nubar_mu p -> mu^+ n events from approximately one
eighth of the total anti-neutrino events collected by MINERvA to date. We discuss future plans for quasi-elastic analysis in MINERvA.
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after comments from the collaboration. File listing all the comments and how they were addressed is attached.
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