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NuInt proceedings - Nuclear Effects with MINERvA

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Brian Tice
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Brian Tice
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20 Jul 2011, 15:40
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05 Aug 2011, 10:45
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08 Dec 2011, 09:06
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v8 is identical to the seventh draft, except that the latex command was performed on if03. For some reason my computer wasn't getting the margins correct. Fig 3 is back to solid color since no other machine was able to correctly handle the hatching.

Seventh draft:
changed the author format.
...had to make the Table 1 horizontal to save space(suggested by Rik).
responded to comments from Gerfried.

Sixth draft:
I responded to comments from Rik.
I added a correct caption to Fig.4.
I replace the plots with the newest approved plots, which include difference only in bigger/clearer legends and the like.
Changelog is now included in docdb entry.

Fifth draft:
Incorporate some suggestions from Debbie on wording.
Use the standard acknowledgments (copy from Kevin).
Cleanup my name/keywords.

Fouth draft.
Monte Carlo figures say "Monte Carlo" on them.
MC figures also include a note which explains that the differ from the figures in the NuInt presentation.
General edits and word changes.

Third draft.

Figures resized to stay within width bounds.
Identification of Nucleus subsection is demoted to being part of the event selection subsection. The plastic reference target paragraph should have been removed in the second draft and has now been removed.
General edits and word changes.

Second draft.

incorporated Jorge's suggestions. the section on the CC ratio analysis is especially changed.

The plots have to be altered to rely less on color discrimination since they will be printed in grayscale.

The diagram of the nuclear target now represents target thicknesses and has an arrow to the tracker.

First draft.

The plots will have to be altered to rely less on color discrimination since they will be printed in grayscale.

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