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Measuring Nuclear Effects with MINERvA

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Arturo Fiorentini
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Arturo Fiorentini
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17 Apr 2011, 22:03
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08 May 2011, 20:59
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MINERvA (Main INjector Experiment for v-A) is a neutrino scattering experiment in the 1-10 GeV energy range in the NuMI high-intensity neutrino beam at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory. MINERvA is now taking data and
it was designed to measure neutrino-nucleus cross sections on a variety of different materials (C, Fe, Pb, He, H2O) allowing the study of nuclear effects and the A-dependence in neutrino interactions. This talk will present the current status in the analysis of inclusive charge current events in the iron, lead, and plastic targets.
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held on 18 Apr 2011 in WH10NW Video 85MINERVA or 510-883-7860 ID# 856463782
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