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Antineutrino Oscillation Results & Implications for Future Experiments - Bill Louis (L.A.N.L.)

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The first MiniBooNE electron neutrino appearance oscillation result
published in April of 2007 ruled out a simple, CP-conserving two
neutrino oscillation explanation of the LSND signal above a
reconstructed neutrino energy of 475 MeV. However, MiniBooNE
unexpectedly observed a significant excess of electron-like events
below a reconstructed neutrino energy of 475 MeV. For the last four
year MiniBooNE has been running in antineutrino mode, which can
directly test the LSND oscillation signal. At present, with 5.66E20
POT, the MiniBooNE antineutrino data are consistent with the LSND
oscillation signal. If this result is confirmed with higher statistics
and by other experiments, then it will imply the existence of sterile
neutrinos and CP violation in the lepton sector or some other new
physics beyond the Standard Model. Implications for MINOS, NOvA, and
other future experiments will be discussed.
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PPD/Neutrino Physics Discussion held on 14 Jan 2011 in WH8XO - Hornet's Nest
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