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Design, Simulation, Commissioning and Test of the Tertiary Beam at Fermilab

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David J. Boehnlein
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David J. Boehnlein
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10 Feb 2010, 13:32
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Master's Degree Thesis of Carlos Perez

The present work describes the design and first test of a new low-energy hadronic
beam and beamline at Fermi National laboratory. This new beam is the product
of an intense group work during my internship at Fermilab on 2008. My work was
focused on the study and simulation of all the feasible variations of the beamline
taking into account the characteristics of the existing high energy beam, the
space constrains within the experimental hall and the requirements for this new
beam. The first part of this document gives a summary of the final design of the
beamline and the expected response of its elements based on complete montecarlo
simulation. This design was due by August 2008, when the actual construction of
the beamline elements began. By October 2008, the first part of the beamline was
mounted on the experimental hall and MINERvA was able to test the successful
production of particles with a beam of pions at 16 GeV. For the test, my work
was focused on the data analysis and truths comparison. The second part of
this document reports the main results of this test and its limitations in the
characterization of tertiaries.

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Master's Thesis - PUCP
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