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Teste de Hardware e Software para a Reconstrução de Trajetórias no Experimento MINERvA

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Jose Palomino
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Jose Palomino
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19 Aug 2008, 14:55
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19 Aug 2008, 14:55
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19 Aug 2008, 14:58
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MINERvA experiment has a highly segmented and high precision neutrino detector able to record events with high statistic (over 13 millions in a four year run). MINERvA detector uses FERMILAB NuMI beamline and will allow a detailed study of neutrino-nucleon interactions. Moreover, the detector has a target with different materials allowing, for the first time, the study of nuclear effects in neutrino interactions. We present the work done with the MINERvA reconstruction group that has resulted in: a)development of new codes to be added to the RecPack package so it can be adapted to the MINERvA detector structure; b)finding optimum values for two of the MegaTracker reconstruction package variables: PEcut = 4 (minimum number of photo electrons for a signal to be accepted) and Chi2Cut = 200 (maximum value of chi2 for a track to be accepted); c) testing of the multi anode fotomultiplier tubes used at MINERvA in order to determine the correlation between different channels and for checking the device's dark counts. (Master thesis presented at CBPF, May 2008, in Portuguese)
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Master thesis presented at CBPF, May 2008 (in Portuguese)
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