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MINERvA Status Report and Request for Antineutrino Running

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The MINERvA experiment was designed to measure neutrino and antineutrino interaction cross sections in the 1-20 GeV range on a variety of nuclei in both the Low Energy and Medium Energy NuMI beam configurations. Low Energy data-taking completed in 2013, and the collaboration has now published twenty papers with that dataset, with several more near completion. Data taking in the Medium Energy neutrino-mode beam completed early this year, and the collaboration is actively working towards many cross-section measurements using those data. The experiment is currently taking Medium Energy antineutrino-mode data, and has requested an accumulated exposure of 12E20 protons on target (POT) in this configuration. Given recent accelerator and detector performance, we expect to achieve this exposure by the 2019 summer shutdown. This document discusses the physics impact of a 12E20 POT antineutrino ME exposure, and reviews the status of MINERvA detector operations and data analysis.
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