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Poster for Fermilab User's Meeting 2015: "Q-weak: First Determination of the weak charge of the proton"

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The Q-weak experiment at the Hall C of Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility has made the first direct measurement of the weak charge of the proton, QpW, through the precision measurement of the parity-violating asymmetry in elastic e-p scattering at low momentum transfer, Q2=0.025 (GeV/c)2, with incident electron beam energy of 1.16 GeV. The Q-weak experiment, along with earlier results of the parity violating elastic scattering experiments, is expected to determine QpW with a 4.2% combined statistical and systematic uncertainty. QpW is suppressed in the Standard Model and our data will be used to determine the weak-mixing angle, sin2θW, with a relative uncertainty of 0.3% that will provide a competitive measurement of the running of sin2θW to low Q2. An overview of the experiment and preliminary look at a commissioning dataset will be presented.
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Presented at 48th Annual Fermilab Users Meeting (2015).
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