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MINERvA-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
20978-v4 MINERvA Retrospect/Prospect Wine and Cheese Kevin McFarland Seminar
10 Nov 2018
17849-v3 Neutrino Shadow Play: Kinematic Determination of Nuclear Effects at MINERvA Xianguo Lu Approved Results
03 Mar 2018
16438-v8 Anti-neutrino Wine and Cheese Talk Richard Gran Seminar
07 Nov 2017
11676-v1 "Identification of multinucleon effects in neutrino-carbon interactions at MINERvA", or the RPA+MEC wine and cheese Philip A Rodrigues Seminar
14 Sep 2016
12239-v1 CCQE Antineutrino Double-differential Seminar Cheryl E Patrick Seminar
05 Aug 2016
11403-v3 Electron neutrino CCQE cross-section and NC diffractive-like process at MINERvA (W&C) Jeremy Wolcott Plots or Results
27 Oct 2015
11041-v1 First Search for EMC Effect and Shadowing in Neutrino Scattering at MINERvA Joel Mousseau Nuclear Effects
18 May 2015
10178-v10 Coherent Pion Production at MINERvA Aaron Higuera Seminar
24 Jan 2015
9895-v5 Exclusive Muon and Proton Quasielastic-like Scattering at MINERvA Tammy Walton Seminar
28 May 2014
9574-v8 Probing Nuclear Physics with Neutrino Pion Production at MINERvA Brandon Eberly Seminar
26 Feb 2014
9250-v2 Fermilab Wine & Cheese, October 11, 2013 Brian Tice Nuclear Effects
07 Jan 2014
8723-v6 Fermilab Wine and Cheese May 2013 David W Schmitz Seminar
16 May 2013
8273-v1 Neutrino Oscillations and the Quest for CP-violation in the Neutrino Sector David W Schmitz Seminar
01 Dec 2012
6124-v1 Diffractive pion production in neutrino-hadron collisions Non-MINERvA Author Physics
20 Apr 2011
5999-v1 Seminar - University of Chicago David W Schmitz Seminar
19 Mar 2011
5770-v1 Antineutrino Oscillation Results & Implications for Future Experiments - Bill Louis (L.A.N.L.) Non-MINERvA Author Seminar
13 Jan 2011
5431-v1 Quasielastic and two-body currents in neutrino interactions with nuclei Non-MINERvA Author Seminar
29 Sep 2010
5090-v2 How Neutrinos Interact Kevin McFarland Seminar
02 Jul 2010
4898-v1 Discussion Session on Coherent Pion Production led by Lalit Sehgal Non-MINERvA Author Seminar
02 May 2010
4897-v1 Electron-like Anomaly in Neutrino Reactions: A Possible Interpretation by Lalit Sehgal Non-MINERvA Author Seminar
02 May 2010
4712-v1 MINERvA Seminar (MSU, Feb 2010) David W Schmitz Seminar
12 Mar 2010
2044-v1 MINERvA Seminar: November 2007 Deborah Harris Seminar
12 Nov 2007
1166-v4 Updated MINERvA Seminar - June 2007 Jorge Morfin Seminar
23 Jun 2007
807-v1 MINERvA Seminar - Indiana University, May 2006 Jorge Morfin Seminar
13 Aug 2006
810-v1 MINERvA Seminar at University of Toronto Kevin McFarland Seminar
25 May 2006

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