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MINERvA-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
6501-v8 NuInt proceedings - Nuclear Effects with MINERvA Brian Tice Nuclear Effects
Conference Proceedings
08 Dec 2011
6406-v3 NuINT Proceedings: MINERvA Overview David W Schmitz Conference Proceedings
08 Dec 2011
6502-v4 NuInt11 Proceedings: Quasi-Elastic Scattering in MINERvA Kevin McFarland Elastic
Conference Proceedings
08 Dec 2011
6840-v3 EPS 2011 Proceedings: Preliminary Results from the MINERvA Experiment Deborah Harris Conference Proceedings
08 Dec 2011
6859-v3 PIC 2011 contribution Ronald Ransome Conference Proceedings
04 Nov 2011
6792-v4 PANIC contribution Ronald Ransome Nuclear Effects
Conference Proceedings
03 Nov 2011
6418-v2 MINERvA NeuTel 2011 Proceedings Vittorio Paolone Conference Proceedings
07 Jul 2011
3699-v2 Proceedings for the 45th Winter School in Theoretical Physics: Neutrino Interactions Heather Ray Conference Proceedings
11 Jun 2009
1642-v2 Riks NuInt07 talk in QE session Richard Gran Elastic
Conference Proceedings
Conference Presentations
22 May 2008
721-v1 The MINERvA Experiment (Proceedings from XX Max Born Symposium) Elaine Schulte Conference Proceedings
11 Sep 2006
728-v2 MINERvA Proceedings from NUINT05 Kevin McFarland Conference Proceedings
25 May 2006

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