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MINERvA-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
25170-v2 Neutrino-electron scattering: modern theory, MINERvA data and beyond - W&C Non-MINERvA Author et al. Elastic
16 Nov 2019
24798-v3 ME CCQE like 3D Wine and Cheese: "The Recoil Strikes Back" Daniel Ruterbories Elastic
29 Oct 2019
12534-v6 Nuclear Dependence of Quasi-Elastic Scattering at MINERvA (W&C) Minerba Betancourt Elastic
23 Feb 2018
12380-v1 Neutrino Electron Scattering at Medium Energy and Methods for Signal Isolation Robert Fonti Elastic
NuMI Beamline
11 Aug 2016
12239-v1 CCQE Antineutrino Double-differential Seminar Cheryl E Patrick Elastic
05 Aug 2016
11403-v3 Electron neutrino CCQE cross-section and NC diffractive-like process at MINERvA (W&C) Jeremy Wolcott Plots or Results
27 Oct 2015
11041-v1 First Search for EMC Effect and Shadowing in Neutrino Scattering at MINERvA Joel Mousseau Elastic
Nuclear Effects
18 May 2015
10376-v5 Probing Quasi-elastic scattering with Neutrinos in MINERvA Jyotsna Osta Elastic
Conference Presentations
04 Nov 2014
9895-v5 Exclusive Muon and Proton Quasielastic-like Scattering at MINERvA Tammy Walton Elastic
28 May 2014
9765-v1 2013 CCQE PRL Results (20 Degree Acceptance Version) Laura Fields Elastic
28 Mar 2014
8852-v4 Charged Current Quasi-Elastic Scattering at MINERvA Cheryl E Patrick Elastic
Conference Presentations
18 Jul 2013
8693-v7 Neutrino CCQE PRL The MINERvA Collaboration Elastic
10 Jun 2013
8691-v6 Anti-Neutrino CCQE PRL The MINERvA Collaboration Elastic
11 Jun 2013
7899-v1 constraining the ME flux Wenting Tan Elastic
07 Dec 2012
8124-v5 NuInt 2012 QE Talk Laura Fields Elastic
Conference Presentations
24 Oct 2012
7263-v1 QE Scattering Jan Sobczyk Elastic
01 Oct 2012
7336-v1 Model independent determination of the axial mass in quasielastic neutrino-nucleon scattering Non-MINERvA Author Elastic
14 Mar 2012
7327-v1 What are CCQE Interactions: How to Measure Two Body Contributions Non-MINERvA Author Elastic
13 Mar 2012
7028-v1 Quasi-elastic neutrino charged-current scattering off medium-heavy nuclei: 40Ca and 40Ar Anatoli Butkevich Elastic
Nuclear Effects
19 Dec 2011
6502-v4 NuInt11 Proceedings: Quasi-Elastic Scattering in MINERvA Kevin McFarland Elastic
Conference Proceedings
08 Dec 2011
6250-v2 Anti-Neutrino Quasi-Elastic Scattering in MINERvA Jesse Chvojka Elastic
Conference Presentations
18 Nov 2011
6116-v5 Anti-Neutrino Quasi-Elastic Scattering Results in MINERvA Jesse Chvojka Elastic
Conference Presentations
18 Nov 2011
6265-v2 Status of Quasi-Elastic Scattering after NuInt11 - Jan T. Sobczyk Non-MINERvA Author Elastic
26 May 2011
5942-v9 NuINT11 Talk: Quasi-Elastic Events at MINERvA Kevin McFarland Elastic
Conference Presentations
08 Mar 2011
5878-v2 An Experimentalist's View of Neutrino-Nucleus QE Scattering - Gerry Garvey Non-MINERvA Author Elastic
18 Feb 2011
5377-v1 Measuring Quasi Elastic Scattering - Morgan Wascko (Imperial College) Non-MINERvA Author Elastic
16 Sep 2010
5261-v2 Exclusive processes Ronald Ransome Elastic
09 Aug 2010
3844-v1 Nuclear Effects in QE Neutrino CC Scattering on Carbon Anatoli Butkevich Elastic
Nuclear Effects
14 Jul 2009
2952-v1 DNP-08 Ronald Ransome Elastic
Conference Presentations
Nuclear Effects
10 Feb 2009
2943-v1 QE neutrino CC Scattering Cross Section on Carbon Anatoli Butkevich Elastic
Nuclear Effects
29 Oct 2008
2847-v1 Analysis of Quasi-elastic CC neutrino scattering off ^16 O and neutrino energy reconstruction Anatoli Butkevich Elastic
22 Oct 2008
1642-v2 Riks NuInt07 talk in QE session Richard Gran Elastic
Conference Presentations
Conference Proceedings
22 May 2008
2108-v3 QE neutrino CC Scattering Cross Section on Oxygen Anatoli Butkevich et al. Elastic
11 Dec 2007
2075-v3 Quasi-elastic neutrino-nucleus scattering and the strange quark by Natalie Jachowicz Non-MINERvA Author Elastic
03 Dec 2007

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