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MINERvA-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
9646-v1 Target location along beam-line; summary of entire MINOS run Jim Hylen Flux
22 Sep 2016
10254-v2 Water in the horns: LBNE horn 1 inner conductor cooling study Non-MINERvA Author Flux
NuMI Beamline
20 Aug 2014
10008-v3 Status Report on MC + Data Overlay in MINOS 2014-06-10 Robert Hatcher Simulation
12 Jun 2014
9880-v1 Status Report on MC + Data Overlay in MINOS 2014-04-29 Robert Hatcher Simulation
29 Apr 2014
9777-v2 Status Report on MC + Data Overlay in MINOS 2014-04 Robert Hatcher Simulation
01 Apr 2014
9259-v1 MINOS Overlay Update and Discussion Robert Hatcher Simulation
15 Oct 2013
8301-v1 genie overview Steven Dytman Performance and Optimization
11 Dec 2012
7796-v1 Constraining ME flux using v + e scattering Jaewon Park et al. Flux
NuMI Beamline
07 Dec 2012
8081-v1 Towards Realistic Neutrino Monte Carlo Event Generators - Jan Sobczyk Non-MINERvA Author Simulation
03 Oct 2012
7405-v5 NuMI Beam Flux Studies for MINERvA - APS 2012 Leonidas Aliaga Flux
NuMI Beamline
17 Sep 2012
6263-v4 Users meeting 2011 Jose Palomino Conference Presentations
18 Nov 2011

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