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MINERvA-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
11403-v3 Electron neutrino CCQE cross-section and NC diffractive-like process at MINERvA (W&C) Jeremy Wolcott Plots or Results
27 Oct 2015
10440-v2 generators in NuSTEC Steven Dytman Other
25 Oct 2014
5538-v2 Hadronic Nature of Neutrinos Non-MINERvA Author Other
26 Oct 2010
2246-v2 Radiative Corrections for Lepton Scattering - Andrei Afanasev Non-MINERvA Author Other
22 Feb 2008
1908-v1 Sterile Neutrinos - Francois Vannucci, Univ. of Paris Non-MINERvA Author Other
16 Sep 2007
55-v1 NuInt05 Highlights Jorge Morfin Other
08 Oct 2005

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