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MINERvA-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
11276-v5 TN061 GENIE Implementation of Valencia/Nieves QE-like 2p2h cross section Richard Gran Nuclear Effects
13 Jun 2017
12688-v9 TN080 RPA systematic uncertainties Richard Gran Nuclear Effects
08 May 2017
10638-v2 CAPTAIN MINERvA for January 2015 PAC meeting Non-MINERvA Author et al. Nuclear Effects
Nuclear Targets
22 Jun 2015
11041-v1 First Search for EMC Effect and Shadowing in Neutrino Scattering at MINERvA Joel Mousseau Nuclear Effects
18 May 2015
10253-v1 Pion Production Puzzles Jan Sobczyk Nuclear Effects
20 Aug 2014
9666-v14 Nuclear Target Ratio Paper The MINERvA Collaboration Nuclear Effects
09 Jun 2014
9714-v4 Nuclear Target Cross Section Ratios at MINERvA - Moriond QCD 2014 Brian Tice Nuclear Effects
Conference Presentations
23 May 2014
9549-v10 January 2014 PAC Meeting Talk Deborah Harris Nuclear Effects
MINERvA Capability Plots
22 Jan 2014
9250-v2 Fermilab Wine & Cheese, October 11, 2013 Brian Tice Nuclear Effects
07 Jan 2014
6376-v6 MINERvA PAC presentation on D2/H2 running Eric Christy et al. Nuclear Effects
20 Mar 2013
8503-v2 The Concept of Hadron Formation Length Jorge Morfin Nuclear Effects
22 Feb 2013
8409-v1 Neutrino Interactions with Nuclei - Olga Lalakulich and Ulrich Mosel Non-MINERvA Author Nuclear Effects
28 Jan 2013
8149-v3 Inclusive Neutrino Cross Section Measurements in MINERvA - DNP Fall 2012 Brian Tice Nuclear Effects
Conference Presentations
15 Nov 2012
7028-v1 Quasi-elastic neutrino charged-current scattering off medium-heavy nuclei: 40Ca and 40Ar Anatoli Butkevich Nuclear Effects
19 Dec 2011
6501-v8 NuInt proceedings - Nuclear Effects with MINERvA Brian Tice Nuclear Effects
Conference Proceedings
08 Dec 2011
6849-v2 Electroweak Interactions with Nuclei: Scaling Analyses and Scaling Violations Non-MINERvA Author Nuclear Effects
19 Nov 2011
6112-v4 Measuring Nuclear Effects with MINERvA Arturo Fiorentini Nuclear Effects
Conference Presentations
03 Nov 2011
6792-v4 PANIC contribution Ronald Ransome Nuclear Effects
Conference Proceedings
03 Nov 2011
5914-v9 Nuclear Effects - NuInt Talk (DIS session) Brian Tice Nuclear Effects
Conference Presentations
30 Mar 2011
5259-v1 Parton Distributions of the Nucleon: Isolated and within a Nucleus - Benefits of nu-H/D scattering Jorge Morfin Nuclear Effects
09 Aug 2010
3844-v1 Nuclear Effects in QE Neutrino CC Scattering on Carbon Anatoli Butkevich Nuclear Effects
14 Jul 2009
3793-v1 Progress in Understanding Nuclear Effects in Deep-inelastic Scattering Sergey Kulagin Nuclear Effects
30 Jun 2009
3615-v1 Using Neutrinos to Study the Structure of the Nucleon Jorge Morfin Nuclear Effects
Conference Presentations
10 May 2009
2952-v1 DNP-08 Ronald Ransome Nuclear Effects
Conference Presentations
10 Feb 2009
2943-v1 QE neutrino CC Scattering Cross Section on Carbon Anatoli Butkevich Nuclear Effects
29 Oct 2008
2934-v2 Progress in the Description of Neutrino-Nuclear DIS Sergey Kulagin DIS
Nuclear Effects
27 Oct 2008
2176-v2 Nuclear Effects in Neutrino Quasi-Elastic Scattering Anatoli Butkevich Nuclear Effects
09 Jan 2008
2168-v2 Nuclear Effects in Electron and Neutrino DIS Sergey Kulagin Nuclear Effects
09 Jan 2008
1977-v2 Formation Times from High (200 GeV) to Low (<1 GeV) Energies - Ulrich Mosel et al. Non-MINERvA Author Nuclear Effects
31 Oct 2007

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