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MINERvA-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
11031-v5 CAPTAIN-MINERvA Proposal The MINERvA Collaboration CAPTAIN MINERvA
27 Oct 2015
11523-v1 DAQ Watchdog Process William Badgett Electronics and DAQ
16 Oct 2015
11401-v4 MINERvA FEB v95 Problem Nuruzzaman Nuruzzaman Electronics and DAQ
21 Sep 2015
11409-v1 CAPTAIN MINERvA Proposal to Intermediate Neutrino FOA Non-MINERvA Author et al. CAPTAIN MINERvA
16 Sep 2015
11398-v1 DAQ Status and Plans Nuruzzaman Nuruzzaman Electronics and DAQ
11 Sep 2015
11389-v3 Summary of the DAQ Tests With Different Crates Nuruzzaman Nuruzzaman Detector
Status Reports
Electronics and DAQ
09 Sep 2015
10638-v2 CAPTAIN MINERvA for January 2015 PAC meeting Non-MINERvA Author et al. Nuclear Effects
Nuclear Targets
22 Jun 2015
11115-v1 Minerva Online 2015 Shutdown Planning Geoff Savage Online
Electronics and DAQ
11 Jun 2015
10576-v4 CAPTAIN-MINERvA: Neutrino-Argon Scattering in a Medium-Energy Neutrino Beam Non-MINERvA Author et al. Technical Notes
08 Jun 2015
6019-v1 VME Data Acquisition Modules for MINERvA Experiment Boris Baldin Electronics and DAQ
25 Mar 2011
5688-v1 Water Target Template Install Photos Gabriel N Perdue Installation and Infrastructure
13 Dec 2010
5551-v5 MINERvA Detector: Status Report Gerardo Zavala Test Beam
Status Reports
Status Report
Scintillator Planes
20 Nov 2010
5253-v4 Introduction to MINERvA for Nuclear Physics Briefing Deborah Harris et al. Nuclear Targets
09 Aug 2010
3983-v4 Fermilab AEM 09/31/2009 Deborah Harris AEM Talks
19 Apr 2010
2881-v3 Fermilab AEM 10/13/2008 Mike Kordosky AEM Talks
19 Apr 2010
4168-v7 Project Planning Meeting Slides (Appel Review) Deborah Harris et al. Status Report
Electronics and DAQ
15 Oct 2009
4124-v3 MINERvA Status Report to Program Planning Deborah Harris et al. Electronics and DAQ
Module Assembly
30 Sep 2009
2182-v1 Helium Target Happenings January 2008. Eric Christy Nuclear Targets
07 Aug 2008
2587-v1 Test Beam Lead Sheet Drawings Dave R. Pushka Frame and Absorbers
27 Jun 2008

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