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MINERvA-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
25170-v2 Neutrino-electron scattering: modern theory, MINERvA data and beyond - W&C Non-MINERvA Author et al. Flux
16 Nov 2019
23220-v1 Coherent Gamma Production at MINERvA Non-MINERvA Author Physics
23 May 2019
12580-v1 NUISANCE project Non-MINERvA Author Generators
08 Oct 2016
12348-v1 New SLAM Infrastructure for online Non-MINERvA Author Operations
28 Jul 2016
11409-v1 CAPTAIN MINERvA Proposal to Intermediate Neutrino FOA Non-MINERvA Author et al. CAPTAIN MINERvA
16 Sep 2015
10638-v2 CAPTAIN MINERvA for January 2015 PAC meeting Non-MINERvA Author et al. Nuclear Targets
Nuclear Effects
22 Jun 2015
10576-v4 CAPTAIN-MINERvA: Neutrino-Argon Scattering in a Medium-Energy Neutrino Beam Non-MINERvA Author et al. CAPTAIN MINERvA
Technical Notes
08 Jun 2015
10439-v1 NNIC-Discussion Non-MINERvA Author Misc. External
25 Oct 2014
10254-v2 Water in the horns: LBNE horn 1 inner conductor cooling study Non-MINERvA Author Flux
NuMI Beamline
20 Aug 2014
8409-v1 Neutrino Interactions with Nuclei - Olga Lalakulich and Ulrich Mosel Non-MINERvA Author Nuclear Effects
28 Jan 2013
8081-v1 Towards Realistic Neutrino Monte Carlo Event Generators - Jan Sobczyk Non-MINERvA Author Simulation
03 Oct 2012
7336-v1 Model independent determination of the axial mass in quasielastic neutrino-nucleon scattering Non-MINERvA Author Elastic
14 Mar 2012
7327-v1 What are CCQE Interactions: How to Measure Two Body Contributions Non-MINERvA Author Elastic
13 Mar 2012
6849-v2 Electroweak Interactions with Nuclei: Scaling Analyses and Scaling Violations Non-MINERvA Author Nuclear Effects
19 Nov 2011
6265-v2 Status of Quasi-Elastic Scattering after NuInt11 - Jan T. Sobczyk Non-MINERvA Author Elastic
26 May 2011
6124-v1 Diffractive pion production in neutrino-hadron collisions Non-MINERvA Author Physics
20 Apr 2011
5878-v2 An Experimentalist's View of Neutrino-Nucleus QE Scattering - Gerry Garvey Non-MINERvA Author Elastic
18 Feb 2011
5770-v1 Antineutrino Oscillation Results & Implications for Future Experiments - Bill Louis (L.A.N.L.) Non-MINERvA Author Seminar
13 Jan 2011
5571-v2 Analysis Techniques of Neutrino Cross Section Measurements in MiniBooNE by Teppei Katori Non-MINERvA Author Physics
05 Nov 2010
5538-v2 Hadronic Nature of Neutrinos Non-MINERvA Author Other
26 Oct 2010
5462-v1 Summer Conference Highlights on Pion Production by Martin Tzanov Non-MINERvA Author Resonance
07 Oct 2010
5431-v1 Quasielastic and two-body currents in neutrino interactions with nuclei Non-MINERvA Author Seminar
29 Sep 2010
5377-v1 Measuring Quasi Elastic Scattering - Morgan Wascko (Imperial College) Non-MINERvA Author Elastic
16 Sep 2010
5300-v1 MINERvA Posters for Underground area Non-MINERvA Author et al. Misc. External
19 Aug 2010
5081-v1 CD-4 Approval Documentation Non-MINERvA Author Project Management
28 Jun 2010
4898-v1 Discussion Session on Coherent Pion Production led by Lalit Sehgal Non-MINERvA Author Seminar
02 May 2010
4897-v1 Electron-like Anomaly in Neutrino Reactions: A Possible Interpretation by Lalit Sehgal Non-MINERvA Author Seminar
02 May 2010
4095-v1 Simulation of the NDB magnets to be used in the Minerva Tertiary Beam by Doug Jensen Non-MINERvA Author Beam
Test Beam
23 Sep 2009
3847-v1 Novadb’s Web Forms Non-MINERvA Author Databases
15 Jul 2009
3441-v1 GENIE Tutorial Non-MINERvA Author Generators
21 Mar 2009
2351-v2 Neutrino Induced One-pion Production by Olga Lalakulich Non-MINERvA Author Resonance
27 Mar 2008
2246-v2 Radiative Corrections for Lepton Scattering - Andrei Afanasev Non-MINERvA Author Other
22 Feb 2008
2107-v1 New J-1 Visa Procedures Non-MINERvA Author Misc. External
08 Dec 2007
2075-v3 Quasi-elastic neutrino-nucleus scattering and the strange quark by Natalie Jachowicz Non-MINERvA Author Elastic
03 Dec 2007
1977-v2 Formation Times from High (200 GeV) to Low (<1 GeV) Energies - Ulrich Mosel et al. Non-MINERvA Author Nuclear Effects
31 Oct 2007
1923-v3 Neutrino Induced Coherent Pion Production - Luis Alvarez Ruso et al. Non-MINERvA Author Coherent
27 Sep 2007
1924-v1 Neutrino Induced Coherent Pion Production - Luis Alvarez Ruso et al. Non-MINERvA Author Coherent
24 Sep 2007
1908-v1 Sterile Neutrinos - Francois Vannucci, Univ. of Paris Non-MINERvA Author Other
16 Sep 2007
1074-v1 Neutrino Production of Low-lying Baryon Resonances Non-MINERvA Author Resonance
05 Sep 2006
1038-v1 TEMPORARY ENTRY: Neutrino Physics Lectures from SS06 Non-MINERvA Author Oscillation
09 Aug 2006

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