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MINERvA-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
16438-v8 Anti-neutrino Wine and Cheese Talk Richard Gran Seminar
07 Nov 2017
11276-v5 TN061 GENIE Implementation of Valencia/Nieves QE-like 2p2h cross section Richard Gran Nuclear Effects
13 Jun 2017
12688-v9 TN080 RPA systematic uncertainties Richard Gran Nuclear Effects
08 May 2017
6576-v2 EPO: Radioactive Decays and Elastic Collisions Paul Conrow et al. Misc. External
30 Jan 2014
5365-v11 Muon Decay Activities and Teacher's Guide Richard Gran et al. Misc. External
20 Dec 2013
1786-v4 NuFact07 Talk Richard Gran Conference Presentations
22 May 2008
1642-v2 Riks NuInt07 talk in QE session Richard Gran Conference Proceedings
Conference Presentations
22 May 2008
2495-v3 Minerva Neutrino2008 Poster Richard Gran Conference Presentations
22 May 2008
991-v2 Talk for UW INT Richard Gran Weekly Meetings
Conference Presentations
11 Sep 2006

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