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MINERvA-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
24147-v1 MINERvA's Medium Energy Program Kevin McFarland Conference Presentations
07 Aug 2019
23650-v0 Pions Kevin McFarland MINERvA 101
24 Jun 2019
12593-v2 MINERvA: Overview and Experiment Management Deborah Harris et al. Misc. External
25 Mar 2019
20978-v4 MINERvA Retrospect/Prospect Wine and Cheese Kevin McFarland Seminar
10 Nov 2018
15494-v3 MINERvA Data Management Plan Laura Fields et al. Misc. External
03 Aug 2018
6576-v2 EPO: Radioactive Decays and Elastic Collisions Paul Conrow et al. Misc. External
30 Jan 2014
6376-v6 MINERvA PAC presentation on D2/H2 running Eric Christy et al. Nuclear Effects
20 Mar 2013
6502-v4 NuInt11 Proceedings: Quasi-Elastic Scattering in MINERvA Kevin McFarland Conference Proceedings
08 Dec 2011
5942-v9 NuINT11 Talk: Quasi-Elastic Events at MINERvA Kevin McFarland Elastic
Conference Presentations
08 Mar 2011
5401-v0 Big Picture Deborah Harris et al. None
23 Sep 2010
5253-v4 Introduction to MINERvA for Nuclear Physics Briefing Deborah Harris et al. Nuclear Targets
09 Aug 2010
5090-v2 How Neutrinos Interact Kevin McFarland Seminar
02 Jul 2010
4124-v3 MINERvA Status Report to Program Planning Deborah Harris et al. Reviews
Module Assembly
Electronics and DAQ
30 Sep 2009
3820-v2 Map of the Fermilab Village Kevin McFarland Collaboration
07 Jul 2009
2279-v0 Overview Kevin McFarland None
05 Mar 2008
2207-v1 MINERvA for P5 Presentation Deborah Harris et al. Misc. External
26 Jan 2008
1919-v2 MINERvA Whitepaper Deborah Harris et al. Oscillation
23 Sep 2007
276-v13 A Brief Overview of MINERvA Nancy Grossman et al. Project Management
Configuration Management
18 Jul 2007
827-v1 Slides for User's Meeting MINERvA Talk Kevin McFarland Conference Presentations
30 May 2006
48-v1 Minerva DoE Review Poster Kevin McFarland et al. Reviews
Conference Presentations
25 May 2006
58-v1 MINERvA (Presentation at NuINT05 Workshop) Kevin McFarland Conference Presentations
25 May 2006
728-v2 MINERvA Proceedings from NUINT05 Kevin McFarland Conference Proceedings
25 May 2006
810-v1 MINERvA Seminar at University of Toronto Kevin McFarland Seminar
25 May 2006
610-v2 Introduction to MINERvA Kevin McFarland Status Report
18 Apr 2006

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