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MINERvA-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
15494-v3 MINERvA Data Management Plan Laura Fields et al. Misc. External
03 Aug 2018
6444-v25 MINERvA Summary The MINERvA Collaboration Misc. External
19 Oct 2017
11104-v1 Poster for Fermilab User's Meeting 2015: "Q-weak: First Determination of the weak charge of the proton" Nuruzzaman Nuruzzaman Misc. External
09 Jun 2015
10439-v1 NNIC-Discussion Non-MINERvA Author Misc. External
25 Oct 2014
10438-v1 Outline of the Discussion Jorge Morfin Misc. External
25 Oct 2014
10039-v1 Minerva 101 at work photo Heidi Schellman Misc. External
22 Jun 2014
6576-v2 EPO: Radioactive Decays and Elastic Collisions Paul Conrow et al. Misc. External
30 Jan 2014
5365-v11 Muon Decay Activities and Teacher's Guide Richard Gran et al. Misc. External
20 Dec 2013
6564-v1 EPO: Quasi-Elastic Scattering and Billiard Ball Physics Paul Conrow et al. Misc. External
20 Dec 2013
5750-v2 Slides for Physics Demonstations for Students David W Schmitz Misc. External
18 Oct 2013
6069-v2 In One Ear and Out the Other... A Talk About Neutrinos David W Schmitz Misc. External
02 Mar 2013
4731-v8 MINERvA in 20 words or less Deborah Harris Misc. External
Obsolete Capability Plots
Obsolete Results
15 Oct 2012
7811-v1 MINERvA Rochester Physics Week 2012 Collaboration Photo Steven Manly Misc. External
22 Jun 2012
6373-v3 T2K Discussion at Fermilab June 17 David W Schmitz Misc. External
10 Aug 2011
6581-v1 Neutrino Physics Lectures for 2011 CTEQ Summer School David W Schmitz Misc. External
10 Aug 2011
5702-v2 Ask-a-Scientist (Public lecture on Neutrinos) David W Schmitz Misc. External
17 Dec 2010
5300-v1 MINERvA Posters for Underground area Non-MINERvA Author et al. Misc. External
19 Aug 2010
5218-v1 Neutrino Physics (for Summer Undergrads) Deborah Harris Misc. External
28 Jul 2010
5068-v2 Neutrino Sources for Neut U Deborah Harris Misc. External
01 Jul 2010
3442-v3 Fermilab AEM 03/23/2009 Robert Bradford AEM Talks
19 Apr 2010
3899-v1 Summer Lecture Series - Neutrino Physics David W Schmitz Misc. External
12 Aug 2009
2207-v1 MINERvA for P5 Presentation Deborah Harris et al. Misc. External
26 Jan 2008
2107-v1 New J-1 Visa Procedures Non-MINERvA Author Misc. External
08 Dec 2007

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